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Brian Sheridan 

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Matthew Pablecas - Lead Vocals & Guitar


A charismatic and soulful singer from the Chicago area, Matthew Pablecas grew up around music.  While his music career started behind a drum set, his passion to entertain eventually brought him to the front of the stage as a singer and guitarist.  Matt has been a staple of the Chicago music scene for the last 20 years.  You can currently find Matt entertaining crowds as the lead singer of Oh Yes! or as half of the acoustic lineup of Hart & Pine.  Matt's Live at Matt's Barn concept brought together local musicians during the Covid pandemic and that served as the foundation for the start of Oh Yes!  When he isn't delighting the crowds with his on stage performance, you can find Matt building his clients the house of their dreams with his company Hale Street Group,  All you need is one show, and you will see why Matthew Pablecas is considered one of the best front men around.  Click Matthew Pablecas to read more about him and his history.


Brian Sheridan - Bass & Vocals


A metal fan at heart, Brian has been entertaining crowds in the Chicago area, as well as across the country for over 30 years.  He is a well known and well respected bass player whose talent has been featured in many local, regional, and national acts.  While Brian's bass skills lay the groundwork of the rhythm section of the band, his vocal skills are one of the reasons why Oh Yes! performances shine.  Brian anchors the three part harmonies that make Oh Yes! stand out and he will also take over lead vocals on some songs as well.  When off the stage, Brian can be found shaping the minds of our youth as an educator who is well loved by his students.  In his free time, Brian is a superfan of horror movies, Halloween, and whiskey, and if you are lucky, you might be able to find a video of him showing you how to make his famous Old Fashioned!


Robert Watson (Doc) - Keyboards & Vocals


Doc is statistically more than one in a million.  He brings an unbelievable level of skill and talent to everything he does.  While he focuses on keyboards and vocals for Oh Yes!, he is also a tremendous bass player and guitarist, and even dabbles with the drums!  If that wasn't enough, he also is the sound engineer for the band and does lighting when needed as well.  His technical prowess and musical knowledge is one of the key factors to completing the Oh Yes! sound and experience.  A die hard University of Alabama fan, Doc's talents have been on display in Chicago and across the country for years including places like Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, and Birmingham.  While off the stage, Docs talents can be seen at Mack Manor, a Halloween and Christmas display located in Fox River Grove that draws thousands of fans each year and has even been featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight show on ABC.  Doc's stye and energy will make you a fan of him on stage, but his infectious smile and laugh will make you a fan of his off stage as well.


Tony Jordan - Guitar


Tony is the final piece to the Oh Yes! puzzle.  A recommendation from a band member's friend brought the other members in touch with Tony and solidified the band.  Tony started playing guitar in high school and refined his musical touch while performing at church during worship services.  His bandmates for his church band just happened to be some of the best musicians around, and their guidance helped Tony shape his style.  One of his church band members asked Tony about joining his other band and Tony began to spread his wings.  Tony's guitar talent and meticulous sound quickly gained well deserved attention from fans and other musicians and now highlights the Oh Yes! song list.   When not performing with Oh Yes!, Tony keeps busy with his two kids and still performs worship services at his church.  Tony is one of the nicest guys around, so feel free to say hi and discuss some of his music knowledge.


TJ Wilkes - Drums


TJ's musical journey started very early in his life.  He had three older cousins who were talented musicians on piano, bass, and drums.  Anytime he visited his cousins, he would jump at the chance to bang on his cousins drum set.  TJ's parents knew he was hooked, so they gave in and bought him a toy drum set at age 4.  That toy drum set didn't last long, and after going through four of them, his parents finally gave in and purchased him the real thing.  Since then, TJ has been playing and performing with various musicians and bands throughout his life.  Never a fan of the spotlight, his playing style is simple and defined as he sets the tempo and foundation for Oh Yes!  Outside of band, TJ can always be found on the sports fields with his kids.  He is also a skilled photographer whose work can be viewed on his website TJ Wilkes Photography.






Tj Wilkes

Tj WIlkes

Bob (Doc) Watson

Tony Jordan

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