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Live at Matts Barn started by accident in March of 2020 during the pandemic.  The pandemic completely shut down music venues, the ability to gig, the euphoria of live performances and the ability to connect with people.  We tried zoom rehearsals, we tried the zoom band posts and we did the virtual gigs too... But none of that is like playing live music.  It took a pandemic to realize just how deep our passion sat.  I was scrambling to stay creative and fill the void.  Once able, my bandmates, Brian, Tj, Doc and myself starting meeting with our instruments in my barn. We'd invite other musicians over to collaborate, We starting using our phones to record our parts and we were starting to feel alive again.  It was my bass player and singing partner Brian Sheridan that said, "We should do a Live at Daryl's House concept in your barn and call it LIVEATMATTSBARN."  The Idea was to feature local artists in the barn.  To collaborate with the house band or a place for bands to record their promo or stream live events.  We did exactly that.  I turned my barn into a Live Recording studio, I hired an outstanding videographer and engineer named Ben Arguelles with DZ Records to run my studio.  We assembled a live "HOUSE BAND" called OhYes! and the rest is history.  To date we have featured incredible talent such as Tommy Yurik, Lisa Lambert, Joel Batty, Marty Craven, Mario Salgado,  Caitlin Sheridan, 2nd place winner of America's Got Talent Austin Edwards, Nashville recording artist Natalie Brady from the Voice, Danny Faillo from Love and Theft and much more to come.

LIVEATMATTSBARN is open all year round and OhYes! is the LIVE EVENT BAND that was born from it.  OhYes! is currently booking Wedding, Corporate gigs, Private Events, Summer Festivals and local bars.  You can learn more about OhYes! by clicking the link below!   

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